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To report a breaking news situation or provide information on a story that is happening right now, please call 1-268-462-2996

Mailing Address:
Cross Street
Cecil Charles Bldg.
St. John’s
Antigua, W.I

To contact the newsroom, submit press releases or give a news tip Email.

For information on advertising rates, to book an ad or request ad production services Email  –

To request TV or radio coverage of events, press conferences, request recordings and archival content Email

For information on programmes, contacting show producers, and new programme submissions, Email

If you’re still not sure where to send your enquiry simply Email

To contact ABS Radio Studio:

1-268-462-0112 or 1-268-462-2998

To contact ABS Station Manager:
Tel: 268-725-9483

To contact ABS Chief Engineer:

To contact ABS Head of News:

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