Manhunt On For A Suspect As Police Investigate What Is Suspected To Be The Country’s 20th Homicide For The Year

The family of a Swetes villager is this morning trying to come to terms with his tragic passing.
The body of Wilfred Williams, 69, was found in an outdoor toilet in the village Wednesday afternoon.
Williams, popularly known as ‘Bongo’ is a former Taxi Driver and has been missing since December 9.
The police received the report of his disappearance around four days after.
Since that time the family has been combing the village desperately trying to find him.
His daughter, Tanya Williams, earlier told our newsroom that he was due to travel to Montserrat on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, breaking overnight, police say the wounds on the body appear to have been caused by a sharp instrument.
Law enforcers have since identified Delano Forbes as the main suspect in the suspected homicide.
Police say he is armed and dangerous and want him to turn himself in immediately.
He had recently been imprisoned following his conviction for breaking into the home of a senior police officer in Swetes.
If you know where he is, please tell the Criminal Investigations Department, CID. You may reach them at 462-3913 or 3914.

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