Scotts Hill Man Fined $10,500 For Possession Of Ammunition And Drugs

Nickayal Blaize of Scott’s Hill will have to fork out $10,500 forthwith, or serve two years at Her Majesty’s Prison.
That’s the result of his conviction in the St. Johns Magistrate’s Court on multiple ammunition and drug charges.
He appeared before Chief Magistrate Joann Walsh on Monday charged with Possession of Eighty-nine .22 Blank rounds of ammunition, possession of ten 9mm rounds, Possession of four .38 rounds and Possession one .380 round of Ammunition.
He was also charged for having unlawfully in his Possession, 158.9 grams of Cannabis. He pleaded guilty to all charges and was fined $5,000 forthwith or 2yrs for Possession of ammunition, and $5,500 forthwith or 2yrs for Possession of Cannabis.
The sentences would run concurrently if he cannot come up with the fine.
It follows a search of his Scott’s Hill home on the 22nd of September, where officers found him in possession of the illegal items. He was taken into custody and charged

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