Telecoms Minister The Hon. Melford Nicholas Elected President Of The Caribbean Telecommunications Union

Telecoms Minister the Hon. Melford Nicholas has been unanimously elected to the post of President of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union.

Minister Nicholas spoke with ABS news shortly after his ascension to the top job in the region body.

Minister Nicholas says this fits into a wider programme of what the government is trying to achieve with respect to its own thrust towards leading a digital revolution here in Antigua and Barbuda. He adds that there is a shared objective with the CTU.

The CTU President notes that starting next year January the focus of the CTU will be on developing and defining what a 21st century government would look like.

He explains his role in achieving this and the benefits to be derived.

According to Minister Nicholas, he intends to lend his full support to the promotion and development of a 21st century model government in the Caribbean.

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