Two Remanded On Ammunition Charges

The duo arrested on ammunition and other related charges, has been remanded to prison.

Subsequent to the their arrest following the seizure of ammunition and other items believed to have aided in a number of criminals acts, two people have officially been charged.

A communiqué from the police Strategic Communications Unit states that lawmen have arrested and charged Earl “Early Bee” Martin, 46 and Lynella Shaw, 25, both of St. Johnston Village with a number of gun related offences.

According to initial reports, the police acting on a tip-off executed Search Warrants on the duo’s home in the early hours of Saturday morning and discovered the items, along with a number of cellular phones, also believed to have been stolen.

Both Martin and Shaw, who appeared in court on Tuesday, were jointly charged with possession of twenty-three 9mm rounds of Ammunition; possession of Seventy .380 Rounds of Ammunition; possession of Six .32 Rounds of Ammunition, and possession of Twenty-six Twelve-Gauge Cartridges.

They were further charged with possession of one 9mm Beretta Pistol; possession of one Twelve-Gauge Shot Gun and possession of one .380 Glock Pistol.

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